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Q&A for Users

- Make sure your computer or mobile device is connected to a default printer

- Review your selected coupon(s) and press PRINT button

- Enjoy your benefits with coupon(s) from our website.

- No. You could print your desired coupon(s) without creating an account

- Yes, you could do that if you see the term “Accept Customer show coupon on mobile devices” on specific coupon(s).

Q&A for Bussiness Owners

- Call our Customer Services Center at 1(714) 461-2727

- Email to us at cs@nailzon.com

- No. You don’t have to! Our professional administrators will help you to post your coupon(s). All you have to do is apply as a Member of Nailzon.com and submit Coupon Posting Request form to us via email at cs@nailzon.com

- Membership term agreement is minimum of Tweelve (12) months.

- Minimum 05 days written notice of cancellation is required and membership fee is nonrefundable.

- Maximum 03 types of coupon to be posting or edit coupon content per month per month for each membership.

- Member is responsible for all contents and information coupon(s) advertised on www.NailCoupon.com

- Nailzon.com is reserves the right to refuse any service from any member and to cancel the membership without prior notice if we determines that the member and/or its business is not compliant with the requirements, standards or practices of a legal, regulatory, self-regulatory or ethical nature of NailCoupon.com


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